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Harry Houdini's Last Trick
A group of friends gathered
Around an old Ouija board
To try and summon
The greatest Magician of them All.
They soon heard a voice,
And it told them thus,
“I’m Harry Houdini,
And I’ll prove I’m the best,
With the greatest trick of them all.
I need a volunteer,
And the lovely lady
Looks like she’ll do,
As a Magician always needs a co-star.”
The lady found herself on the stage somehow,
And that was when things
Got real strange.
A set of curtains dropped around her,
And when they lifted,
She was still there.
Then the door slammed shut,
And there was Harry Houdini himself.
“I’m glad you came to see me.
But I must request,
That you let me return to my rest.”
The door sprang open,
And the friends dashed out,
But as for the lady,
She left with a kiss.
“Thank you for your participation.
I hope you enjoyed the show.”
Line Count 30
:iconalockwood2:alockwood2 1 0
Hundred Floors of Fright with David Pumpkins
Its a hundred floors of fright,
And it’s the scariest ride ever!
It started off nice and tame,
With the bride that hung herself,
And the place that serves your
Head as the day’s special,
But all of that changed
When David Pumpkins came on the ride.
A hundred floors of fright,
With David Pumpkins
And his two boney sidekicks,
And he promised to scare the hell out of us.
At first we thought he was lame,
With a stupid dance routine,
Ending with him asking “Any Questions?”
But that was when we found out,
Seventy-three of the one hundred floors
Contained him in some form.
I will say this for him,
He lived up to his promise,
And scared the hell out of me.
Any Questions?
Line Count 22
:iconalockwood2:alockwood2 1 0
Spooky Skeleton
Where’s the Spooky Skeleton?
I can’t see him anywhere.
He slips through the scene
Before I get there.
I hear the scream,
Of those he bumps into.
There’s all a fright,
Of the Spooky Skeleton.
I decided to make a quick visit,
Due to a fruit punch too many,
And then I ran out,
Because I found the Spooky Skeleton
Line Count 12
:iconalockwood2:alockwood2 0 0
Shoo Crow
Shoo crow,
Get away!
That wicked witch
Has enchanted your
Black feathered friends.
Shoo crow,
Get away!
Before she places you
Under her spell.
Shoo crow,
Get Away!
Line Count 11
:iconalockwood2:alockwood2 1 0
Ghost Buster
Sam was reading the paper, while sitting in a seat on the subway, when some big fat lady sat on him, well, sat through him.
“Do you mind?”
The lady screamed as she shot out of the seat, crashing into the couple in front of her.
“Sheesh! Can’t even rest in peace in peace,” muttered Sam, as he turned the page.
A shadow came over Sam. “I’m afraid you’re going to have to leave.”
Sam looked over the paper. “Hey! Bill Murray! Liked you in Zombieland, where you died!”
“I’m not him,” said the Bill Murray-look-alike. “Of course, I’m glad you didn’t mention Garfield.”
“Big orange fat cat. I like him in the Funnies better,” said Sam. “Now, go away.”
“I can’t do that.”
Sam heard a strange sound. He looked up and saw a modified vacuum starting up. “Oh! You’re that guy that’s been sucking ghosts up! I know who you are now! Listen, let
:iconalockwood2:alockwood2 0 0
Alien Halloween
Zert looked at himself on his self-viewer. “Gerrg, I look like a fnorg with this stuff on.”
“You’re supposed to look like a fnorg, my zont,” said Gerrg. “I promised Gundra and Zanto I’d keep you safe during your stay on this backwater of a planet, and this will do that, especially today.”
Zert looked in his self-viewer; currently, one of those creatures would say he looked somewhat like something they called a caninewolf, with purple and green fur, and a strange vest. His ears looked pointed, his nose was bigger, he had claws, and his tail was now bushy. He looked at Gerrg. “Why can’t I wear just the imageillusioner?”
His uncle stepped into the room, looking like something the creatures called a rodentrat. “These humans, as they call themselves, haven’t met those from other planets, at least not officially; it’s believed they’ve still got another hundred fifty times around their star before they a
:iconalockwood2:alockwood2 0 0
Trump's Halloween
Gimme gimme gimme
All of your candy.
I want your candy
Because I deserve it.
Not you,
And not that nasty hag,
Who is a liar,
And a crooked crook!
She doesn’t deserve your candy!
Gimme your candy!
Line Count 10
:iconalockwood2:alockwood2 0 0
Not a Funny Clown
Richard was a clown, only he wasn’t the kind of clown that people laughed at. No, he was the kind who got his jollies out of scaring people, and it wasn’t like he worked at a Halloween Park where scaring folks was acceptable. No, he’d jump out of bushes while kids walked down the sidewalk, and steal their candy, and perhaps their money. This Halloween would be no different.
He’d just put on his makeup and wig, when the doorbell rang.
“Strange,” he said. “I wasn’t expecting company.”
He went to the door, and looked through the peephole. Then, he stepped back, and checked behind a window curtain. Then, he backed away.
“Impossible! That only happens in the movies!”
Suddenly, the door was smashed in, and in came a whole circus of clowns, only none were laughing; big ones, small ones, fat ones, thin ones, all in outrageous outfits, as they poured on in, filling every space, including those not even meant for one person to sta
:iconalockwood2:alockwood2 0 2
Autumn Forest
Oh the woodlands,
They come in such colors.
Some are like the burning sun,
Others are like a blazing fire,
And still more are like gems.
Oh the woodlands,
There is always a smell,
Of Nature doing what it does best.
Some are rather nice,
While others should be avoided,
Like that skunk den over there.
There is always a treasure to be found,
Sometimes you can find yourself a feast.
Abundant apples,
Plump pears,
Juicy peaches,
Zingy oranges,
Sweet cherries,
And don’t forget those bushes to.
Not to mention the odd grape as well.
You will always find something,
In an Autumn Forest.
Line Count 26
:iconalockwood2:alockwood2 0 0
Halloween Romance
Spooks are in the air,
And so is Love.
Two beings met in the Night,
One riding on a broom,
And the other is barely visible.
Cupid came late this year,
And shot both with his arrows.
Some say he missed,
And hit the wrong targets,
But spooks are in the air,
And so is, Love.
Line Count 10
:iconalockwood2:alockwood2 0 0
Trick or Treat Witch
Melissa looked at the door as it produced its alarm. “Another one?”
She adjusted her hat, and picked up the basket as she walked to the door. Looking through the peephole, she saw a boy wearing a bad-looking skeleton outfit, and a little girl dressed up as a warty frog, with a rather bad hat. She groaned at this; the outfits got worse every generation, sometimes every year.
She opened the door, and heard the demand: “Trick or Treat!”
“Here you are,” she said, as she dropped some candy in the children’s bags. “One for you, and one for you.”
“Cool hat,” said the little girl. “I wish mine was as dark as yours.”
“Helps if you use a little starch when you press it,” Melissa said. “Now, off you go. Only thirty minutes left before you have to return home.” She sighed as the kids ran off. Mortals; they didn’t realize the little things they missed as they got older.
She went back to her k
:iconalockwood2:alockwood2 0 0
Mature content
Funeral Letter :iconalockwood2:alockwood2 0 16
Steps to Planting and Growing Your Plants
Many of us grow plants. For some, this consists of some flowers along the side of our house, right out in front, to make the place look nice. For others, it’s a vegetable garden out back, with beans, squash, peppers, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, carrots, and what have you. Some grow trees, some of which produce fruit, some are just beautiful and others serve to block the wind, snow, and prying eyes of certain people. Others grow bushes, which may grow fruit, look beautiful, or act as a barrier. Other folks better double-check the law books. Some grow plants because it’s a fun activity. Some grow plants to make money. Some grow plants for food, or medicinal benefits. Some folks spend quite a while preparing to grow their plants – research, preparation, scoping out the various nurseries and garden stores, digging just the right hole, pruning it correctly, taking good care of it – only for the thing to die. Others just go out, buy what looks to be a bad plant, dig
:iconalockwood2:alockwood2 0 0
Mature content
Wolf Run :iconalockwood2:alockwood2 0 0
Mature content
Battle of the Undead Cowboys :iconalockwood2:alockwood2 0 0
Mature content
The Undead Knight and the Bagpipe playing Scotsman :iconalockwood2:alockwood2 1 0
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A Message to Kink-Shamers
 Folks, this is something that SERIOUSLY needs to be addressed on this entire site. This is an issue that has been tackled for years, wrestled between people with unusual sexual fetishes and people who tend to believe that they have the God-given right to harass and offend these individuals.
 So I'm doing something about this. I'm going to try and create the penultimate message to everyone who has been officially deemed a DeviantArt "kink-shamer."
 To the masses that hold accountability of slandering and harassing community individuals with unnatural sexual fetishes:
 I do not, by any means, consider myself to be the most influential representative to speak about this topic. I do, however, consider myself as someone who&
:iconzhermanzays:ZhermanZays 37 92
16 by killerzcat
Mature content
16 :iconkillerzcat:killerzcat 10 2
You Think 2 by killerzcat
Mature content
You Think 2 :iconkillerzcat:killerzcat 5 0
Every Cat Has Her Day: 6 by Jessica-Rae-3 Every Cat Has Her Day: 6 :iconjessica-rae-3:Jessica-Rae-3 48 0 Friendly assistance pg6 by Kattspark
Mature content
Friendly assistance pg6 :iconkattspark:Kattspark 37 4
Mature content
Living with Rocket (GOTG slice of life, G rated) :icongreedywoozle:Greedywoozle 3 5
Samurai Jack Finale - My 2 Cents
My 2 Cents on the 5th season finale of Samurai Jack was a 7/10 - Not Bad, but a bit wee anti climatic for a huge show been on hiatus for over 10 years. I don't blame Genndy here, he was given 10 episodes to work with and not enough time to genuinely provide a send off. I don't understand why wasn't he given a conventional 13/26 episode season.
Half of the season is given too much time on Emo Jack and his fight with the daughters of Aku (which it was well build up) only to kinna be derailed by the rush-ness of the story line that followed, big among them the Jack/Ashi, romance came out of nowhere (I mean, we all knew she was it) but no proper time was given to build the romance, it was all done in one episode. The only good episode well done after the daughters arc was the one That Jack teaches Ashi the evil of Aku and when she meets the people Jack helped in the past.We also get the first episode of the Scotsman, only to have him killed off, ghost kept in the mortal world, and the prom
:icongeargades:GearGades 3 5
Mature content
Princess-tasting :iconfrenchsnack:FrenchSnack 21 7
[Patreon] The Snake-Tailed Outlaw by DoubleOSnake
Mature content
[Patreon] The Snake-Tailed Outlaw :icondoubleosnake:DoubleOSnake 8 1
Cajun Dinner by solidzesnake Cajun Dinner :iconsolidzesnake:solidzesnake 153 23 Small harpy, big appetite ( vore ) by Karbo
Mature content
Small harpy, big appetite ( vore ) :iconkarbo:Karbo 948 161
Truth 40 by killerzcat
Mature content
Truth 40 :iconkillerzcat:killerzcat 15 0
Umiriko commission 4-2 by livinlovindude Umiriko commission 4-2 :iconlivinlovindude:livinlovindude 155 74 A bed for Rocket (minor GOTG2 spoilers) by Greedywoozle A bed for Rocket (minor GOTG2 spoilers) :icongreedywoozle:Greedywoozle 20 2 EVB: Lola Bunny vs. Charizard! by ForeverNyte
Mature content
EVB: Lola Bunny vs. Charizard! :iconforevernyte:ForeverNyte 135 0
Mature content
Lady and the Dragons :iconwesterncroc:westerncroc 14 3
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Long day.
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WARNING! Carry on reading! Or you will die, even if you only looked at the word warning!
Once there was a little girl called Clarissa, she was ten-years-old and she lived in a mental
hospital, because she killed her mom and her dad. She got so bad she went to kill all the
staff in the hospital so the More-government decided that best idea was to get rid of her so
they set up a special room to kill her, as humane as possible but it went wrong the
machine they were using went wrong. And she sat there in agony for hours until she died.
Now every week on the day of her death she returns to the person that reads this letter, on
a Monday night at 12:00 a.m. She creeps into your room and kills you slowly, by cutting you
and watching you bleed to death. Now send this to ten other pictures on this one site, and
she will haunt someone else who doesn't. This isn't fake. apparently, if you copy and paste
this to ten comments in the next ten minutes you will have the best day of your life tomorrow.You will either get kissed or asked out, if you break this chain u will see a little dead girl in your room
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